How To Get More Subscribers To Your Online Content Using MailChimp and Ninja Popups

Besides actually getting traffic to your website, the hardest part for any website owner is probably turning those unique visitors into loyal readers. Why do we want this? Because consistent viewership boosts everything. It boosts shares on social media, page rank, authority and income if you sell personal or affiliate products. The best and easiest […]

How To Add Backstretch Background Slider To Your Theme

If you want to make your home page more eye catching or just add beautiful, responsive full screen background slider, you are in the right place. In this short tutorial I'll show you how to add backstretch to any WordPress theme without a plugin. Whoooa, what is Backstretch? Backstretch is a simple jQuery plugin that […]

Glimpse The Future Of WordPress With The Front-End Editor Plugin

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have frequently been in the situation of finishing an article, hitting publish, and then going to check out your handiwork on your blog’s front-end, only to spot a typo or infelicitous bit of phrasing, which you have to go back into the post editing screen to fix. Wouldn't it […]

Easy Code Snippets with Prism.js

Few days ago I published an article about highlighting code in Ghost and I decided to do the same with WordPress for embedding code snippets easy . You may tell that there are hundreds of plugins for that, but I don't like installing tens of plugins. Here is what you'll see after finishing this tutorial: […]

How To Create Filterable Resources Page for Genesis Child Themes

Last week I published article How To Add Blueprint Page to Your Genesis Theme and in this article we'll create similar custom post type but with more advanced features like custom taxonomy and filterable archives. In this example we'll create resources page for any Genesis Framework child theme, but you can simply adjust files for […]

How To Add Blueprint Page to Your Genesis Theme

If you're sick of creating must have plugins list or answering hundreds questions about plugins used on your website, you must create blueprints page. Blueprint page is like an x-ray photo of your blog. It's also quite good page to promote your favorite products. Check those two examples of well designed blueprint page. All right […]