Meet Joe F. an Extraordinary Freelance Writer

Today we have a special guest for the interview – Joe F. from, freelance copywriter and blogger who specializes in writing about technology, web design and online marketing. I contacted Joe for an interview and he kindly accepted, so here it is. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do […]

Maintaining Compatibility With Pre WP 3.8 wp-admin

The biggest, visible to end user change in WordPress 3.8 was the wp-admin panel redesign. One can argue if this change is for better or worse, but from plugin developer perspective the only thing that matters is we need to target new admin design now. If i remember correctly there was even announcement sent to […]

How To Display Code In Post Or Pages

Today I'll show you how to fast and easy display code in WordPress post or page. The solution is to change < ? php to &lt ;? it's effective, but what when you want to show a long code? Nothing easier, just go to and "translate" it. Here's the example <?php get_header(); ?>

How To Make Different Admin And Theme Languages

Hey folks! gave us a great solution, how to manage different language for dashboard and theme in WordPress. But remember to delete language define in wp-config.php first! <?php // setup one language for admin and the other for theme // must be called before load_theme_textdomain() function set_my_locale($locale) { $locale = ( is_admin() ) ? […]