Stats & Income Report September 2013

Welcome dear readers to the third 87Studios income report. This month report will be combined with announcement of big changes.

Fall horror show

September was much more terrifying than August. Drop in traffic was bigger than last month, I don't know what is going on. Google hates me... But to be honest it's partially my fault. Why?
Because September was horrible for me in private life. Those few posts are a result of my son's hospitalization. I had no opportunity for writing and even reading WordPress news for first two weeks.
When everything fell into place, I resumed searching for a writer. As a result I got few responses and two were very interesting.
I couldn't afford for the first one (I hope it's a temporary issue), but the second was a great beginning of my partnership with Sourav Kundu.

Meet Sourav

Hi everyone! It is great to be a part of 87Studios. We have a couple of big changes coming up - primarily to do with the site's branding. I love everything WordPress and computers in general. I've worked for well known WordPress sites such as WPLift, WPExplorer, etc. I'm also a moderate gamer (PC only) and an avid sitcom collector. As for music, I enjoy everything from Iron Maiden, Yanni, Ludovico Einaudi, Eminem and Skillex! You could follow me on Twitter or Google Plus.

Time for Changes

We decided to split expenses, profits and duties. I'll take care of maintaining site and technical stuff and Sourav about content quality. It doesn't mean that I'll quit writing, but I'll have more free time and finally be able to create the free WordPress theme for our subscribers. What is also important, we decided to change domain name for something more related to WordPress, so from October all new content will be published under address.


All right, now the part all are waiting for. Numbers!

Traffic and Metrics

Much lower than it has to be. Even in the worst nightmare I hadn't expected so low traffic. 120 on average daily visitors is something like year ago. Let's dig into charts.

Overall traffic for September :

income report traffic

This chart shows the search traffic for the month :

income report search

Other metrics:

  • Posts: 5 (-3)
  • Site Visitors: 4,060 (-1,518)
  • Page Views: 6,716 (-1,801)
  • Search Engine Visits: 3,381 (-1,567)
  • Alexa Rank: 175,663 (+1600)
  • Google +1: 132
  • Twitter Followers: 152 (+1)
  • Facebook Fans: 94 (+13)
  • Reader Comments: 4 (-6)
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 30 (+5)


I decided to remove income details.


Overview and goals for next month:

Advertising income is so bad, because of moving AdSense from after post widget to sidebar and then removing it at all. I'll have to rethink this idea. $10 is better than $1 🙂 Also I'm finally moving in a few days to DigitalOcean VPS (the $5 plan).  I think nginx + MaxCDN (I won 1TB account last month) will boost page load (now I have 96/100 score at and also moving to US based server will bring me back search traffic - drop began after moving to the Polish server. Wish me luck fellows!

And in case of plans: move whole site to new server, 301 all links and root domain, do a lot of SEO work to stop this scary trend and help the new domain be noticed over the internet.


How did your sites do in September? Let us know in the comments …

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  1. Sorry to hear about your son, hope he is ok now.

    Strange to hear about the drop in traffic What do you think could've caused Google to stop sending you visitors? Have you been doing any off site SEO?

    I'm planning to start my WP site soon but am a little bit wary after reading your experiences.

    Good to see you have Sourav Kundu on board, he is a great (WordPress) writer.


    • Hi Joe,
      he's doing well, thank you.
      About traffic, when I compared monthly charts, drop started few weeks after moving 87studios from US (Arvixe) to Poland. I've read that server localization has impact on SERP, but never supposed that it's gonna be so big. Anyway it's better to have working site with less traffic, than greater traffic and offline site few hours a day (thank you Arvixe). And I never made any off site SEO before September.
      When you'll be choosing hosting, pay attention to pick right localization that will be equal to biggest traffic source. Also pick right solution (framework) to get fast site (under 2s load time). If you'll need help with that - you got my email 🙂

      • Glad to hear all is ok.

        Yes I will pay attention to host location. Didn't realise it had such an impact. I am leaning towards Genesis at the moment but not used their service before.

        Thanks, Joe

        • I was surprised with search traffic drop after changing sever's localization.
          If you'll need help with Genesis, feel free to drop me an email.

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