Stats & Income Report November 2013

Hello and welcome to the next 87Studios income report.

What's new

For the first three weeks of November I had zero free time and as the result I published only 5 articles (including last report). Of course few articles have had impact on the profit. Anyway, as long as the income covers expenditures it's not a problem.

Rise Forums - Internet Marketing ForumsWhat is also very important, I joined Rise Forums and am amazed how easy and close were answers for a lot of questions. You should check the review I made few days ago and join other bloggers.

I also read this month a bunch of useful articles, you should check at least those two The Secret To Finding Proven Money Making Niches written by Lewis Ogden from and Why Recurring Commissions Are Not Always As Good As They Appear by Kevin Muldoon. Ok, that's all important stuff worth being mentioned, let's play with numbers now.

Traffic and Metrics

Still 150 visits on average day - that's totally fine, but hope it's gonna change. Check out the charts from Google Analytics.

Overall traffic for November :


Other metrics:

  • Posts: 5 (-1)
  • Site Visitors: 4518 (-235)
  • Page Views: 6924 (-719)
  • Search Engine Visits: 4012 (+216)
  • Alexa Rank: 181331 (+10,172)
  • Google +1: 134 (0)
  • Twitter Followers: 163 (+2)
  • Facebook Fans: 113 (+12)
  • Reader Comments: 5 (-12)
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 37 (+1)


I decided to remove income details.



  • DigitalOcean VPS: $5,00

Overview and goals for next month:

As I told last month, changing server location (that's only my guess) brought traffic back. Or maybe it was the little SEO work done last month? I'm really not sure which one of those two did that, but it's good that something helped.

At the end I'd like to say THANK YOU to Kevin from Rise Forums for support.

I hope you have enjoyed this monthโ€™s report. If so, I encourage you to check out the income reports of my friends:

Kevin Muldoon

WP Squared


How has your website done this month? Let us know in the comments โ€ฆ

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About Kris Hoja

Hi! I'm Kris. For a while I was blogging about WordPress, now I'm owner of HogStudio - Creative Agency focused on website development.
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  1. This information is very nice, thank you very much for this useful information

  2. Hey

    I like what I am seeing! I have a good feeling that you're going to rock it in 2014 - you're on my watch-list for sure. You got a really good work ethic and display persistence. Just keep it up on this quality level and you're bound to success.

    Best of luck


  3. Kris,

    Keep it steady man ! You are doing great !

    How much effect does your involvement with Rise Forums have on your income and also...

    What commenting platform are you using btw? It's awesome !

    • Hi Pavlos!
      Thanks for kind words.
      In a matter of income from RiseForums affiliate program I got nothing (yet) - but in a matter of knowledge - it's priceless. I know no other place where you can talk and brainstorm ideas with so many top bloggers and marketers.

      PS. My comments are powered by Jetpack ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You are doing a lovely job with your site. Hope you can make more the next time round.

  5. Good report Kris. Income looks pretty steady every month. Are you trying to maintain a specific posting frequency every month?

    • Thanks Kevin.
      Yeah, income looks steady, I'm very happy that I got few quick jobs and few next are in queue.
      In December I'll try to write at least 10 articles and go up to 20 next month. It's a must if I want to see higher numbers ๐Ÿ™‚
      And I promised myself to reinvest income in January and hire a writer.

      • Best of luck. I need to bring a writer in soon too. It will free up a lot of my time to work on different things. At the very least, it will help me increase my posting frequency and get more good articles out there.

        • Indeed.
          The worst thing is that we all need money to push blog forward. But WPSquared is a great example to see that spending money will bring more money (mental shortcut, it's one of factors to success). But you know it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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