Stats & Income Report August 2013

Welcome to the second 87studios income report.

Unfortunately I have to start with bad news. August was a terrible month for 87studios. I had so big traffic drop, that my whole positive energy just gone away. I had such a beautiful plans about hiring a writer (actually I did, but not for 87studios), create a free WordPress theme etc. You may read about goals for August in my first income report.  As I said, the statistics are so bad that I thought about selling 87studios. But hey, as old man said, no pain no gain 🙂 So let's forget about pain and focus on luring audience with quality content.

Anyway, I achieved at least one goal - 87studios is now running on Genesis Framework and Metro theme. That is a big plus for me, quick and easy setup, great maintenance. Other goals must wait, because of my new site launched for polish teens. Also I put more attention to my Google+ account, why? Read this article on Kevin Muldoon's blog.


All right, now the part all are waiting for. Numbers!

Traffic and Metrics

Traffic is much lower than expected. My goal was to get at least 300 visitors per day, but in August it was as low as 180. Although Alexa rank is still getting lower and I get more referral traffic though.

Overall traffic for August :

income report traffic

This chart shows the search traffic for the month :

income report search

Other metrics:

  • Posts: 8 (-1)
  • Site Visitors: 5,578 (-1,383)
  • Page Views: 8,517 (-1,640)
  • Search Engine Visits: 4,948 (-1,169)
  • Alexa Rank: 177,263(-14584)
  • RSS Subscribers: N/A I disabled Simple Feed Stats because it sucks!
  • Twitter Followers: 151 (+6)
  • Facebook Fans: 81 (+24)
  • Reader Comments: 10 (+6)
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 25 (+3)


I decided to remove income details.


Overview and goals for next month:

I'm very disappointed with the overall traffic. I still want to reach 300-350 visits per day, it's a crucial factor that will give me power for carrying on 87studios. We'll see next month. Any goals? Same like always: traffic, do few guest posts for other WordPress blogs and the free theme for subscribers. It's a must for September!


How did your sites do in August? Let us know in the comments …

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. The new theme looks great.

    Good luck for September.

    • Thanks Joe!
      I suppose that September gonna be a disaster... I hope I'll get at least 4500 visitors and don't want to look at income, it's terrible at the moment.
      I'll write more about that within new report.

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