First Year Review And July Income Report

Welcome to the very first 87studios income report. You'll find here some historical review about my blog and report how my stats were in July.

Firstly, I would like to thank Kevin Muldoon for all the positive energy and tips he gave me.

I was wondering earlier about sharing details about my blog, but finally decided to follow Kevin Muldoon and with monthly income and stats reports. I'm not quite sure if it's a good decision, but on the other hand I've got nothing to hide. Maybe some beginner bloggers like me will find a way to compare their websites. In my opinion sharing stats with readers is great, because it's easier to compare, see what can be done and as the best one for me - it's mobilizing to create and achieve goals for own website.



The historical traffic

At the beginning I'm providing stats from the very first post after redesign in November 2012 till June 2013, but I started 87studios in June 2012.

income report traffic stats

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The average visits in this period was around 2500 unique users, but as you may notice, a huge traffic increase was from may to June. It's a result of making site faster and playing with SEO optimizing, but the biggest influence had posting frequency. I'm trying to write at least one article per week, which is still low.

Change of attitude

A big change to my blogging attitude was made after going deeper in Kevin's blog.

You should also check at least those articles:

And for sure all bloggers should get his book "The Art Of Freelance Blogging".

Note: Kevin is not paying me for these links. I'm just a big fan of his work.

I realized that it's better to make one good article per week than seven with crap instead of content. But it's still a work in progress, I'm totally lack of time, but I have promised myself to give something more for readers.

First Year Income

The income for this period was a total of affiliate and ads display:

  • $130.80 (affiliate)
  • $19.54 (ads)

It's not a lot, but for me was a big surprise to see very first money from blogging so fast. And a big plus was no expenses, server was paid and I did all design and coding work myself (to be clear, this theme is a customized version of Clean Response from ThemeFurnace).

Also for this period I wasn't paying attention to social media fans, so I can't give any numbers. The only one I checked is Alexa rank that was 448,408 in May and 274,952 in June - you can see the difference. So posting quality content is the best way to get better stats and in the near future (I hope so) income.


At the beginning 87studios was kind of news feed for myself, but later decided to convert it to WordPress related blog. My biggest mistake is a domain name, which is suitable for a company and not blog with WordPress related articles.

Anyway, getting to this point of traffic level and income was quite easy, but a lot of work was made in site back-end. I had a lot problems with CPU load, site speed and hacking attempts. I decided to stop using plug-ins like AIO SEO, YARPP and make some changes to decrease number of queries. Also started using W3TC. Also I've added a Google Authorship three weeks ago, for now I can't tell if it has any influence on traffic, but I'm higher in search results. The biggest problem in June was with Arvixe hosting, just one day after money back guarantee time passed I received email with notification that my site is causing to high CPU load and thus my whole account got suspended (not just one site blocked, but all of them). It forced me to move 87studios to old hosting (which is also a shared one) and start saving money to get VPS.

My advice for beginners: don't use to fancy themes, rather pay attention to it's speed and low queries amount. Also get a good hosting, price isn't always most important in this case. Choose wisely.

After a short introduction to site history it's time to cover main article topic.



I'll compare traffic stats to June that you can see the difference, and other metrics will start this month.

Traffic and Metrics

Traffic is almost at the same level that was in June, which is lower than I expected. My goal was to get at least 300 visitors per day, but barely 220 was achieved. Although Alexa rank is still getting lower and I get more referral traffic though.

Overall traffic for July :

What is funny,  it's the same like in June.

income report traffic stats

This chart shows the search traffic for the month :

The good thing is that I got more visitors referred from search engines this month, you may say it's just 58 more, but still a step forward.

income report search stats

Other metrics:

  • Posts: 9
  • Site Visitors: 6,961  (+0)
  • Page Views: 10,157  (-636)
  • Search Engine Visits: 6,117 (+58)
  • Alexa Rank: 191,847 (-83,105)
  • RSS Subscribers: 18
  • Twitter Followers: 145
  • Facebook Fans: 57
  • Reader Comments: 4
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 22 (+7)


I decided to remove income details.


Overview and goals for next month:

I'm a little bit disappointed with the overall traffic. I still want to reach 300-350 visits per day, I guess it could double my income. The other thing is to develop a WordPress theme in August and release it as a freebie for email subscribers. Also in September  I'm gonna switch 87studios to Genesis Framework 2.0, because of the new HTML5 markup, easy theme development, a massive number of hooks and fast performance.  The only thing I'm afraid of is a lower traffic that could be the effect of changes. But even though, site should be more comfortable to navigate and read. And the last one, but also important - get one or two writers, to cover more topics around WordPress.


How did your sites do in July? Let us know in the comments …

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  1. Congratulation on your income, and you are definitely doing something right.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Kris. Much appreciated 🙂

    You seem to be in the same boat as me for traffic. We are both seeing steady traffic every month. I think that is something we both need to address as ideally, we should be increasing it slightly every month.

    With regards to income, I suggest doing more in-depth reviews. I have always made good referral income when I have taken the time to review something in depth. The great thing is, most theme and plugin developers are happy to send you a test copy of their product if you are willing to review their product for free.

    It will be interesting to see how traffic develops when you bring in some more writers and increase posting frequency 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the next income report.


    • Thank you Kevin.

      I hope we both will see better traffic, let's say 10-15% is fair enough 🙂

      And about increasing referral income, I was always curious where and how you were getting all of those themes for reviews at I must check wphub archives and read them to get writing impulse.

  3. Congrats on the great success, Kris. You're on the right track... 🙂 !

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