How to Improve Search Engine Ranking using WordPress

Search Engine Optimization has become an essential need for the websites. It improves the search engine ranking of the website and helps the business grow.  A very efficient way to improve search engine ranking is to use WordPress for designing websites. WordPress is specially designed to improve search engine ranking by optimizing the website according to search engines algorithms and keywords.

WordPress has built-in search optimization tools such as permalinks, which automatically create URLs for the post according to the heading of the post. It also contains Meta tags and Meta description which helps in optimizing the website according to the keyword being focused. There are many simple methods which help in increasing ranking in search engines through WordPress.


Optimizing Images

 WordPress has many inbuilt tools which can optimize images for the search engines. It can also be optimized manually for better results by editing image information. To edit image information:

 Go to ‘Media’ menu in the left column and select ’Library’ from the pop-up.

  • Click on the image you want to edit and select ‘edit’.
  • Go to the ‘title’ field, and create an appropriate title for your image according to the keyword you are focusing.
  • Also, edit the ‘Alt text’ field because search engines cannot crawl image. It should be edited according to the title of the image and the keyword focused.
  • ‘Description’ allows the webmaster to give a small description about the image which helps the readers to get an idea about the image and also let the search engines to crawl the image information.



Edit Header Tags

 Header is the most important factor in improving search engine rankings. Header tags should be structured properly for the best optimization.

 The page title should be given H1 tag which shows that it is of the most importance.

  • Similarly, page section title should be given H2 tags and subsection title should be given H3 tag.

This structure is one of the important factors for search engines while inferring the information of the page. If heading matches any query in search engines, it is shown above other results and thus helps in improving ranking of your page greatly.

Inbound and Outbound Links

 Linking is also a very important factor which decides search engines rankings and authority of your website. Search engines ranking does not depends on website’s look but on the text written on it and the quality and quantity of inbound and outbound links. Also, these links should be relevant to the content of your website. The more optimized website is ranked higher than others. WordPress has all the tools through which you can insert and edit links to the text easily.


SEO Plug-in, Yoast for WordPress

 Though above methods helps in improving search engine rankings, there are some plug-in available for WordPress which can boost your ranking on search engines. One such plug-in is Yoast. This plug-in improves your ranking in search engines to much extent by optimizing your content technically. It gives a preview of your post and analyzes it for your keyword before publishing it.

Also, make sure to submit sitemap index of your post to the search engines especially, Google and Bing through their webmaster tools. Also, edit Meta tags and Meta description to match your keywords. This can improve your website ranking in the search engines significantly.

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