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On 2 July 2014
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This theme is pretty much perfect for what it's meant for. If you're a photographer or graphic designer looking for a theme that displays your work as the focus of your website, then at $39 for it, this is a great option.

A few days back, we went through and gave you guys a review of the theme shop CSSIgniter.

Continuing with that line of thought, we wanted to give you an insider look at their latest theme, Coastline.

The Coastline is a portfolio theme that's based more around the idea of ,"This is what I've done. Check it out!", over displaying written content. However, that option isn't off the table with this Coastline. The nice thing about this theme is that is gives a nice change of pace to your usual portfolio style theme.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $39

With your menus in the left sidebar, your content on the right and the infinite scrolling available, the theme is sure to appeal to those who would like a website that's stands out a bit.

Now let's see just what we can do with this theme to make it a little more unique.

Options Of The Coastline Theme

CSSIgniter: Coastline Jetpack Gallery 3 Option
There are a few different ways that you can set up your Coastline Theme. As it come fully integrated with the Jetpack Plugin, you have some great options for displaying photos. (I really like the Jetpack Gallery 3 option *wink*)

But take a look at the screenshot below.

Customizing Coastline Theme

Instead of putting your pictures as the main display on your site, you can also choose to display your content at the focus of your site and make it look reminiscent of the On Topic theme by WooThemes. For a simple blog this would be a nice change for your viewers.

However, the theme was built for displaying media over content and really shines when used for that.

CSSIgniter theme options

After you upload and activate your Coastline theme, you'll find that you have some default page layouts (built into your theme) that you can set as your Static Front page.

The HOME layout that you'll find in your customization options is the same layout that you'll see when demoing the site over at CSSIgniter.

You also have the options to display your front page as:

  • 3 Separate Jetpack Gallery Layouts
  • A Media Layout
  • Your Own Homepage Layout

Choose the layout the suits your fancy.

Other changes to the look of things are rather simple and many can be done from the frontend as well.

To add your menu to your theme, select the Navigation section of the Customize options and choose the menu you what to show.

You can also add widgets to your sidebar and footer via the Customize options as well, but don't go overboard as you only have so much space.

To change your logo or background simply access your CSSIngiter Settings and add your images. Yes, it's that easy!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.35.32 PM

Don't forget to setup your pagination and SEO options from within your CSSIgniter Settings area as well. You can find that under the Display Option of your CSSIgniter Settings.

Another nice touch would be to upload a Favicon. Not really necessary, but I always like the added design touch.

Post Options

If you'd like to change up your post format options, then you're in luck.

The Coastline theme by CSSIgniter comes with 7 post formats that include:

  • Standard format
  • Link
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Image
  • Quote

Coastling CSSIgniter Color Schemes

You can also change the color scheme of things on a post by post basis. You have to scroll down to find this option in your post editor sidebar, but it's there.

Final Thoughts On The Coastline Theme by CSSIgniter

This theme is pretty much perfect for what it's meant for. If you're a photographer or graphic designer looking for a theme that displays your work as the focus of your website, then at $39 for it, this is a great option.

Even for someone looking for a fresh look to their blog, this could quite nice. The few downsides that I ran into were some I thought you guys might run into.

The fact that there is only one area for your Menu, Sidebar Content and Footer gives you some real restrictions. For example, you can only ever really have one menu showing, which means you can't have too many menu options or your navigation area will start to look crowded.

The other downside also had to do with the navigation area.

Since your only option for displaying all your widgets is in that one left-hand navigation can mean that things can start to look rough as well.

That sidebar/navigation area isn't scrollable like your content is and it can get crumpled looking on a smaller computer screen (if you adjust up and down instead of side to side, you will notice this).

The theme is perfect for a simple portfolio or simple blog, but it's not one I would suggest if you're hoping to expand into something really big. The easy of setting up what you need on your site keeps out the confusion which is always nice.

If you need something that's fresh but simple to navigate and setup for your online portfolio, then this a great theme to check out!

Preview Theme Download Now

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