A Drag and Drop Shootout: Divi vs Themify Page Builder vs Visual Composer

As WordPress has grown in popularity, the need for a more user friendly approach to web design has been on the rise as well. As time has gone on, technology and great minds have managed to come together to produce the infamous drag and drop interface. Now that there are multiple ones on the market, […]

How To Get More Subscribers To Your Online Content Using MailChimp and Ninja Popups

Besides actually getting traffic to your website, the hardest part for any website owner is probably turning those unique visitors into loyal readers. Why do we want this? Because consistent viewership boosts everything. It boosts shares on social media, page rank, authority and income if you sell personal or affiliate products. The best and easiest […]

The Feedweb plugin: Bloggers Meet your Readers

Have you ever wished you could know what all of your readers thought about your content? Do you have a certain question for your readers? Of course you have and you are itching to discover what they are thinking about this or that. Fortunately enough, there is a plugin for that called Feedweb. Feedweb is […]

Glimpse The Future Of WordPress With The Front-End Editor Plugin

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have frequently been in the situation of finishing an article, hitting publish, and then going to check out your handiwork on your blog’s front-end, only to spot a typo or infelicitous bit of phrasing, which you have to go back into the post editing screen to fix. Wouldn't it […]

13 Free and Premium Pricing Table Plugins

When you want to offer WordPress services on your site then you should take a look on pricing tables. It's the best way that a potential client can see what you have to offer and at what prices. You can also use pricing tables in different way - to make a comparison of different products with […]