How to Use Featured Image as Background with Backstretch

In February I created simple tutorial on How To Add Backstretch Background Slider To Your Theme and few day ago I needed a solution to use different background image for each page with option to change it easily. So thanks to Sridhar Katakam I had the solution. Similar to previous Backstretch tutorial get files from […]

Maintaining Compatibility With Pre WP 3.8 wp-admin

The biggest, visible to end user change in WordPress 3.8 was the wp-admin panel redesign. One can argue if this change is for better or worse, but from plugin developer perspective the only thing that matters is we need to target new admin design now. If i remember correctly there was even announcement sent to […]

5 Quick Tips for Better WordPress Security

Do you want make your site more secured with little effort? Here are 5 quick tips for improving WordPress security. Any of them will improve security, but remember, that good backup service is also very important. To get those snippets working, paste selected code into your functions.php file, the only expect is tip number 4. […]

How to Highlight Author Comments in Jetpack

Hello! Today I was trying to do some changes on 87studios. I wanted to highlight my entries in comments, to make them more readable and user friendly. Most WordPress users will know the trick, but it should help new users. It’s not just a fancy change to your design, but will help follow your answers […]

How to Add Buttons To Your WordPress Editor (WordPress 3.9 updated)

If you are not WordPress developer you probably haven't heard that it's very easy to add custom buttons to TinyMCE visual editor. Here is the complete solution! But do you even know what is TinyMCE? TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL. By default […]

How To Create HTML Site Map For Genesis Metro Theme

Today I had a little problem with making HTML site map for 87studios. As you may see I recently switched to Genesis Framework and Metro theme. So now creating custom page templates is not as simple like before in regular theme, but all in all switching to Genesis was a milestone in my blogging life. […]