15 Free and Premium Beautiful Ghost Templates

Some time ago we decided to expand our focus on Ghost. We provided detailed Ghost installation tutorial and first template roundup and some more tutorials. But before you'll start reading, you have to ask one important question. What makes Ghost such a great alternatives for WordPress or Joomla if you want 'just write'? It's simplicity. […]

How to Add prism.js Syntax Highlighting to Ghost

If you want to enhance the syntax highlighting in the Casper Ghost theme (if you use other theme, check if extra syntax highlighting is already enabled) you should take a look at Prism. I know there are plenty other scripts for this, but Prism is simple, lightweight and has super color schemes. add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'minimum_toolbox_items' […]

Best WordPress Themes for Hotels and Guesthouses

Need a resort WordPress theme? This is a collection of WordPress themes designed specifically for hotels, resorts, bed as well asĀ  motels, guesthouses, lodges websites. If you wish to build a hotel or accommodation website with WordPress, these high quality templates will let you create a professional looking hotel website fast and easily. Soho Hotel […]

How To Add Comments To Ghost

I assume you finished installing Ghost guide and picked a beautiful theme. So now it is right time to add some more functionality to your blog. Ghost in default installation does not have comments, but in few very simple steps you'll be able to add this important functionality to your blog. Firstly, you must decide […]

Contest Giveaway Winner

Our giveaway has ended and I've picked a random winner today. Congratulation to Shyuan ! - you should have email in your inbox already with details. Thanks to all readers who were participating. Also stay tuned for upcoming news and future competitions.  

15 Best Ghost Templates

Hello! If you are a blogger that want a simple and sexy solution without extras that WordPress has, you must use Ghost. Few day ago we published an article with simple guide about installing Ghost. If you've completed steps from mentioned post, now it's time to add some design to your Ghost based blog. The […]