Captain Social – Cool And New Free Social Media Plugin

While I was doing a research for Retina related WordPress stuff, this brand new plugin was released. So be my quest and meet Captain Social. A plugin icons optimized for Retina display.

So let's rock


1. Install Captain Social via dashboard: Plugins -> Add New -> Search and then type Captain Social.

Setting up the plugin

When you are ready activate the plugin and go to Settings -> Captain Social

Add links to social profiles which you have and that's all with this page.

Now the funny part - there are two ways to insert those Retina Ready social icons into your WordPress site:
1. Add this php code to a page template/header/footer/sidebar/post php file (in menu appearance -> editor)

2. Or the easy way - place this shortcode for example at the end of post:


On the image below you can see examples: the top icons I added at the end of post with shortcode, and the second row of icons with php script in single.php


If you are looking for a social plugin, that is ready for Retina display or just simple and easy to style and with possibility to place with php anywhere then Captain Social is the one!.
If you have any questions ask in comments or check documentation.

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