50 Best Responsive Music Band WordPress Themes for 2014

If you are a musician or band member and want to create outstanding website for you with little effort, than you should take a look on our list of best music and band WordPress themes. All of theme were designed to handle tasks like events, audio, galleries, videos and members management. With those themes creating a beautiful website will take only few minutes.

Bolster Music Band WordPress Theme

Bolster is a great theme for bands. With tons of features like event, gallery, album and slider management it's very easy to modify.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Spikes - Music Band WordPress Theme

Spikes will be very useful theme for bands. It comes with two color variations, but they are very easy to modify using powerful theme options page. Besides features like event and gallery management it has outstanding page builder for non coders.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Flycase - Complete Music Solution for WordPress

Flycase is super easy to use professional WordPress template for musicians. It will suit all music genres as well as labels. Great feature is built in e-commerce support so you can sell music directly from your webiste.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Rocky - Event & Music Band Theme

Rocky is a responsive WordPress template for musicians. It has built-in drag & drop page builder, 400+ Google fonts. It also supports photo and video galleries, events management and 8 different color schemes which can be easily modified using Theme Options panel.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Banda - WordPress Music Magazine

Banda is a theme specifically created for music magazines. It has built-in support for WooCommerce and powerful page builder. It comes with dark and light skins and support for unlimited colors. Great features are HTML5 video background and audio player.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Applause - One-Page Responsive Music & DJ WP Theme

Applause is a responsive one page WordPress template for DJs, bands, producers, labels or organizers of events and festivals. It's build using Bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML5. It offers perfect management of evens, tracks, galleries and videos.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

MusicPlay - Music & DJ Responsive WordPress Theme

MusicPlay is responsive WordPress template for bands and DJs with tons of features like display artists, albums, DJ Mixes, photo and video galleries as well as events. Each one has it's own custom post type so are easy to manage. It will be a perfect choice for your band.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Metric: Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

Metric is a great theme for all music lovers. It has amazing fresh design which can be easily adjusted. Metric is a responsive theme and supports all devices, from mobile phones to large desktop screens. It is also SEO optimized.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Club88 - Premium Music WordPress Theme

Club88 is a responsive theme with events, discography and artists management features. It comes with 7 PSD files so can be very easily modified.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

StereoClub / NightClub & Band WordPress Theme

StereoClub is a perfect theme for night clubs, bands, DJs and events companies. It's responsive design makes it usable with any device. It supports five custom post types and 12 custom widgets.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

IronBand - Responsive Music & DJ WordPress Theme

The design is unique and comes with layered PSD. The theme includes all major features: Events & Gigs, HTML5 audio Player, YouTube Videos, News, Discography, Photos and Biography and even a Booking section. Everything’s there.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Drury Lane - Theme For Musicians And Bands + Intro

Drury Lane comes with splash page (traditional feature of musicians’s websites), has two parts sliding home page and comes with a number of small custom plugins written especially for this theme.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $50

Tuned Balloon - Music WordPress Theme

Tuned Ballon has easy to use flexible layout that will look good on all devices. It supports all core WordPress options so it will be easy to use for beginners. It also supports WordPress 3.8 theme customizer.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Trio - Band WordPress Theme

Trio has full support for WooCommerce and is fully responsive. With theme you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like an Audio Player


Preview ThemeDownload Now Price: $55

SoundWave - The Music Vibe WordPress Theme

SoundWave has a great feature that allows you to listen to music or any radio station without stopping while you navigate on the site. You can also display upcoming events in a really nice manner. Soundwave also allows you to have how many photo albums you want.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

LA-BAND - Music Band Premium WordPress Theme

LA-BAND is unique WordPress template for artists. It comes with custom events manager, 16 custom templates, smart audio player, 25 predefined skins and tons of other features.  It's very easy to use and modify in Advanced Theme Options panel.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

GIG Premium WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

Gig is 100% theme for band and it's a custom solution to display pages of band members, music, events and projects. It has built-in support for the Ignition Deck plugin so you can enable crowdfunding function for your musical projects easily.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Vibration - Responsive Music & Events Theme

Vibrations with it's uniqe page builder will help you to create music or events website in minutes. It is fully responsive and have features like Resolution Slider, Layer Slider, Events Countdown, Audio Player and Audio Playlist.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Nite Pop - Music Band/Artist WordPress Theme'

NitePop is a WordPress theme specially designed for Bands and music websites. This template is easy to modify and ready to be up and running out of the box.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Rock4Life - Responsive WP-Theme for Bands/Musicians

Rock4Life is highly customizable WordPress template that every band needs to bulid an effective website. It's responsive and has a lot of great features like CSS3 animations, audio lists, custom post types and amazing jQuery animations.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

SOUNDANIMAL - Complete Entertainment

SOUNDANIMAL is complete entertainment wordpress theme. It comes with a lot of features and it can be used for any site of the entertainment industry.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

Muse - Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

Muse is the badass WordPress theme for all who love music, such as music bands, musicians, DJs, producers, labels or organizers of events and festivals. Theme has amazing modern and fresh design that will never get tired of you and your fans.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians

Musico is a fully customizable theme specifically tailored to the needs of musicians. It allows you to manage all your albums and display them in an awesome full screen and sidebar audio player. Musico supports buy links so users can go to buy your music with one click.



Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

K-BOOM - Events & Music Responsive WordPress Theme

K-BOOM is one of the most powerful music related WordPress themes. It is a theme with ultra responsive layout adapting perfectly and allowing you to visit it from any devices you want.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Soundstage - WordPress Theme For Bands & Musicians

Soundstage will help you make a good first impression on visitors. It has an impressive slider and slick homepage layout and offers MP3 streaming with ecommerce support so all track can be purchased via your website.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Rock Palace - Responsive Music WordPress Theme

Rock Palace is a great and responsive music related theme that will help you create versatile website. It has many layout options and unlimited color variations as well as custom theme options panel which helps with theme customizations.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

Acoustic - Premium Music WordPress Theme

Acoustic is great theme for solo artists and bands. It has brilliant events, audio and artist management options. It is also 100% responsive.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

EPROM - WordPress Music Theme

The Rascals Labs EPROM WordPress theme is an ultimate, no compromise and ready to use WP template, suitable for widely understood music industry. Whoever you are – DJ, music producer, events producer or you just love the music – EPROM theme is exactly what you need!


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Brooklyn Indie Band - Responsive WordPress Theme

As you can see, the theme is modern, pretty, clean and elegant.Its not just WP theme, this package has a lots of assets which will help you to make your band site look perfect.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $35

Clubber - Events & Music WordPress Theme

Clubber is the appropriate theme for dj’s and club music fans. It’s simple to use and personalize, comes loaded with strong tools for events managing, sharing music, videos and much more.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Sound Rock - Music Band WordPress Theme

Soundrock is a WordPress theme specially designed for Bands and music websites. This template is easy to modify and ready to be up and running out of the box. The PSD files included have been customized to allow fast skinning.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Live! - Music WordPress Theme

Live! is a WordPress Theme dedicated to music lovers. Whether you are a professional or not, this theme includes all features you need for your band or label, to present, promote and sell your work online.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Rockit Now - Music Band WordPress Theme

Rockit Now is a WordPress theme  designed for Bands and music websites. This template is very easy to customize and has many advanced features like event, gallery, album and track management.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Bandzone - WordPress Theme made by Musicians

Bandzone WordPress Theme is specially designed with a great help of members from rock band. No matter what band are you in, rock, pop or rap you don’t want to have a corporate website. What you need is a clean, well-arranged website focused on events, albums, photo gallery and blog. That’s exactly what we’ve done.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Replay - Responsive Music WordPress Theme

Replay is a perfect theme for musicians, bands, record labels and any music business. It is easy to use and customize, comes packed with powerful tools for sharing and selling music, managing events and more.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

StereoSquared - Music Festival WordPress Theme

StereoSquared is a responsive WordPress theme for DJs, music artists, bands, radio stations and everyone in the music business. It has SoundCloud integration and tour schedule options.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $39

Muzak - Music Premium WordPress Theme

Meet Muzak. A WordPress themes for bands, musicians, djs and everyone involved in the music business. It has cool features like events, discography, videos and photos management and comes with powerful theme settings panel.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Soundboard - Premium Music WordPress Theme

Soundboard is a powerful music WordPress theme with special features for bands and solo artists. With Soundboard you can display your tour dates, discography, videos, images and sell your band merchandise – it has pretty much everything you need for a band website.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Rockstar - Theme for Music Bands

If you are a musician, or you want to write a blog about the music, Rockstar is the theme just for you! Rockstar supports, one blog style, 2 gallery styles (Default Gallery and Fancybox Gallery), Pop-up banner (you will be able to add video, screenshot, text or html code in it) and mp3 Music Player. With Rockstar, you will be able to choose 5 different music instruments as background image (Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Microphone, Turntable or Random music instrument).


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

Music Pro - Music Oriented WordPress Theme

Music Pro is a music oriented wordpress theme, perfect for a band, a label, or a webzine. It is fully customizable, easy to use and well documented. It can be used for any other purpose as well. It is fully cusomizable and fit to any device, from very wide desktop screens to small smartphones.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $55

Music: A Musician's WordPress Theme

Music is a intelligent theme with unique features for the music industry. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and most importantly – it ads functionality not to be found in any other WordPress theme.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

Stylico - WordPress DJ Theme

Stylico is a perfect theme for DJs and producers. It has all features for managing gigs, releases and slides. It has 6 custom widgets and 7 widgetized areas.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

Nocturnal: Premier Audio WordPress Theme

Nocturnal is an audio/music focused theme that is geared towards nightclubs and/or bands. The featured content is built to support posters and flyers.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $45

MediaScene Music Premium WordPress Theme

MediaScene is a perfect music theme. The theme is provided with many option of customization and is very simple to use. It has fully customizable homepage, powerful admin panel and album review with rating.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $40

Music WordPress Template - For Musicians & Artists

Music WordPress is a theme for musicians and bands. Easily add and manage music, photos, and shows, along with the choice between two home page styles, a light and dark version of the theme, and other customization options available through the theme options panel.


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $35

Dionysus - A Music Oriented WordPress Theme

Dionysus is the perfect theme for DJs, Bands and everyone in the music industry. Show your new releases, your tour schedule and let your fans listen to your upcoming hits!


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $39

Kontrol - Party Music & DJ WordPress Theme

Kontrol is a powerful WordPress theme for DJs, music artists, bands, radio stations and everyone in the music business.It has custom audio player which will let your audience listen to your upcoming hits with the most sophisticated custom audio implementation. Soundcloud supported!


Preview Theme Download Now Price: $39

Divi 2.0 WordPress Theme

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  1. Very cool selection, but maybe you could make a lot of musicians happy by adding this as well: http://themeforest.net/item/slam-music-band-musician-and-dj-wordpress-theme/3646671
    As actually is the only theme that connects to Beatport and you can create thousand of releases pages with artists, music previews and so on without any effort. As label owner this saved me thousand of ours and a lot of people can get advantage of this theme 😉 Thanks!!

  2. Awesome post of band WordPress themes for musical websites for music lover, Artists, singers etc.

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    • I'm glad you like it!
      And it's too bad I have not found similar list few years ago when was working on my not existing anymore band website 🙂

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